Beloved Community Fund

2018 Beloved Community Fund application is live! Please see the Application Process, Deadlines, and Award Notification Schedule below. 

We believe that art and cultural expression can strengthen unity and solidarity in communities by inspiring people to imagine the political and social transformation of their world. Our Beloved Community Fund supports free public art and cultural events that celebrate and are rooted in Oakland’s communities of color, and that advance racial justice.


Invests in efforts that use art and culture to build voice, power, and self determination in communities of color.

Supports projects and events that reclaim public space in Oakland and that affirm and celebrate the collective memory, shared histories, social identities, and cultures of Oakland's communities of color.

Supports people of color gathering and reclaiming public space through cultural exchange in resistance to gentrification and displacement.

Only nonprofit and fiscally sponsored organizations may apply; individuals may not.

Eligibility Requirements
  •       Project must have strong artistic and cultural component(s).*
  •       Event must take place within Oakland city limits.
  •       Event must be open and free to the public (although a limit on number of attendees related to venue is acceptable).
  •       Project must demonstrate a commitment to celebrating communities of color in Oakland.
  •       Project must be completed within one year of the grant award date.
  •       Date of event(s) must be after the award notification date (see award dates below).
  •       Funds awarded must be spent only on the project specified in the grant application.
  •       An organization may not receive more than one Beloved Community Fund Grant in a calendar year.
  •       Akonadi prioritizes investments in cultural strategies that:
    • are shaped by, and reflect, the lives of youth of color.
    • develop young people’s collective expression of their experiences and visions for their communities;
    • support systems change efforts and transform structures.

The Foundation makes grants to organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and are classified as “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a). Organizations may also submit applications through a sponsoring organization if the sponsor has 501(c)(3) status, is not a private foundation under 509(a), and provides written confirmation of its willingness to act as the fiscal sponsor.

*By artistic and cultural component we mean the event involves art, artists, and /or cultural workers as an integral part of the event, and/or the event centers indigenous or traditional cultural knowledge and expression rooted in communities of color.

Akonadi Foundation awards project-specific grants ranging from $2,000 – $15,000 for events and projects that advance racial justice in Oakland. In 2017, the average grant size was $7,700 with a total of $500,000 awarded to 65 projects.


  • Racial trauma and healing
  • Representations of youth of color that combat stereotypes
  • Short- and long-term structural effects of police brutality and racial inequity on Black communities in particular and people of color generally.

Funding is not limited to these areas. We also invite proposals from projects/events that meet the eligibility requirements and the purpose of the Beloved Community Fund but fall outside these specific areas.


What kind of events do you fund?
  • Community celebrations/gatherings
  • Cross-racial/multi-racial/cultural exchanges
  • Festivals
  • Exhibits
  • Readings
  • Healing clinics
  • Performances
  • Symposia
  • Historic commemorations
  • Media projects that include a public cultural event
  • Series of arts/cultural workshops that include a public cultural event
  • Public art projects that include a public cultural event
What will not receive funding?
  • Political advocacy efforts for or against a candidate, ballot measure, or bill
  • Events conducted solely or primarily as fund-raisers
  • Requests for general operating support
  • Requests from religious, labor, fraternal, athletic, or political organizations
  • Projects based in public or private educational institutions (K-12, private schools, and universities)
  • More than one proposal per organization (except for fiscal sponsors applying on behalf of more than one organization)
  • Multiple proposals for components of the same festival, event, or project

To apply
  1. Complete the Eligibility Quiz to see if you qualify.
  2. If you successfully complete the eligibility quiz, you will receive a link to our online application. Applications are accepted only through Akonadi Foundation’s online grants system.
  3. Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive an email with the grant status on the Award Notification Date.
  4. If a project was not awarded funds, an organization may not reapply for the same project but may apply for funding for a completely new and separate project.
  5. If you are approved, you will receive your grant award once you return the signed grant contract to us.
2018 Deadlines and Award Notification Schedule


Due by 11:59 PM!

Fri 1/19/18 Mon 2/12/18
Fri 3/16/18 Mon 4/9/18
Fri 5/11/18 Mon 6/4/18
Fri 7/6/18 Mon 7/30/18
Fri 8/31/18 Mon 9/24/18
Fri 11/9/18 Mon 12/3/18


The Beloved Community Fund application process is highly competitive, as we manage finite funds with growing demand. 

  • Review the BCF APP GUIDE to learn about our review criteria to support you in submitting a strong and competitive application.
  • BCF FAQ to see a list of frequently asked questions.

February 2018 BCF Grant Award List

(5 Grants, Total Dispersed: $34,500.00)

Drumluck: An Ancestral Gathering, Boomshake Music, $8,500
Date: March 18 and May 1, 2018
Location: Uptown & East Oakland, Humanist Hall and Fruitvale Plaza, respectively

Drumluck is an intergenerational gathering centering Oakland’s womxn, youth, and families to share/learn ancestral traditions and drum for cultural survival and social change. By sharing the history and context of each activity, we remind ourselves that we are seen, heard, and our ancestors not forgotten, so we can strengthen community, celebrate our cultures, and heal racial trauma.

Las Hociconas Performance Showcases & Open Mic, Las Hociconas Lab Theater Arts Residency 2018, $10,000
Date: March 8th (International Womxn’s Day) & March 9th, 2018
Location: Grand Lake, Studio Grand

Las Hociconas Lab Residency is a sacred creative space for transitional age young adult cis-womxn, queer, trans and gender expansive artists of color (20 – 35 yrs old) to share their stories and family histories; examine themes of home, gentrification, migration, and changing communities; and develop new works to be shared with the community. Las Hociconas Culminating Performance Showcases will take place at Studio Grand on March 8th (International Womxn’s Day) and March 9th, 2018. The performances are free and intended to serve and welcome local residents of Oakland with a focus on creating open public performances that are accessible to all, including families and individuals, especially artists, of working class to low-income backgrounds, people of color native to the Bay Area, and immigrant communities. Our public performances will profile the Lab’s cohort of young emerging artists of color, as well as some of the guest artists of the Residency, and will include an open mic portion to amplify other voices of color in the community. Many of the Lab participants are Oakland residents.

Disrupting Displacement through Accessible Arts, Oakland Peace Center, $8,500
Date: TBD
Location: North Oakland, Oakland Peace Center

Black Artist, writer, and pasteur Marvin K. White, a native of Oakland, began to envision how a community series highlighting lesser known but radical and innovative artists of color could help community members enter into a conversation on displacement through a different lens; a lens of celebration of the gifts that make our community rich. The Series led by Oakland-native artists of color will take place at the Oakland Peace Center and raise the theme of cultural preservation in order to connect community members with what makes Oakland so vibrant and provide opportunities for them to engage in a conversation on displacement, featuring visual, musical, and spoken word art. It will also feature the work of Marvin K. White and other queer artists or color from the community.

The Oakland International Film Festival, The Oakland Film Society, $6,500
Date: April 3 – 7, 2018
Location: Uptown/Downtown, Various Locations

The 16th Oakland International Film Festival will take place at various venues in the City of Oakland. The theme this year is MLK 50 – Representing 50 years Since the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, with the question: “Where Do We Go From Here?,” the title of Martin Luther King’s last book he authored 51 years ago, after the Civil rights bill was signed. Films that promote social justice will be highlighted to inspire future generations to learn from our collective past of struggle as we move forward. Free screenings will take place at Oakland’s City Hall and other venues in the downtown area including Geoffrey’s Inner Circle. Free screenings will also take place at various venues on April 7th.

Dance of the Holy Ghosts by Marcus Gardley, Ubuntu Theater, $7,500
Date: March 9 – 31, 2018
Location: North Oakland, Oakland Peace Center

The Ubuntu Theater Project’s West Coast Premiere production of Marcus Gardley’s Dance of the Holy Ghosts intends to serve Oakland and Bay Area audiences, especially the African American community and other communities of color. Dance of the Holy Ghosts examines racial trauma and healing across multiple generations of a Black family, through the lenses of narrative, gospel music, and memory. The production profiles the work of West Oakland native African American playwright Marcus Gardley and features a 29-person ensemble of African American artists.

In 2017, the average grant size was $7,700 with a total of $500,000 awarded to 65 projects.

Organization Name
Grant Name
Application Month
Deep Waters Dance Theater Episode : “Black Women Dreaming” A Ritual Rest January $10,000.00
Higher Gliffs / Community Rejuvenation Project Alice Street Film Symposium January $6,000.00
Movement Generation The North Pole: Political Comedy for The People Community Screenings January $12,000.00
One Fam Bringing Back the Blues to 7th Street 2017! January $9,500.00
OneLife Institute Transformative Visions Community Arts Event January $9,000.00
Afro Urban Society Nisa’ Raqus, Women Dance: Circle and Gathering February $11,260.00
East Oakland Boxing Association EOBA Unity Art Showcase: How We Come Together February $7,500.00
Fist Up Film Festival 8th Annual Fist Up Film Festival February $6,000.00
Fua Dia Congo Fua Is Forever: Community Town Hall Series February $3,600.00
Qulture Collective You’re the Most Beautiful Thing Exhibition and Reading February $6,000.00
Rara Tou Limen Haitian Dance Company Rasanble! Haitian Arts & Culture Festival February $5,000.00
All African Peoples Revolutionary Party African Liberation Day Culture & Community Event March $7,277.00
Art Responders ANTIVIRAL: Countdown to Restorative Justice Exhibition March $5,000.00
Attitudinal Healing Connection ArtEsteem Annual Exhibition March $6,000.00
Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ) 4th Annual Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo March $8,020.00
Forward Together Trans Life & Liberation: Celebrating Trans & Gende March $15,000.00
Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park Day Laborers of Fruitvale Tell Their Stories March $15,000.00
HipHopForChange,Inc Bay Area POC Environmental Summit and Showcase March $7,500.00
Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC) OACC ExhibitIons – Art to Inspire, Inform, and Transform March $10,500.00
Que Siga La Fiesta Que Siga La Fiesta Art Exhibition March $7,500.00
The Umoja Festival The Umoja Festival March $10,000.00
Uppity Edutainment Father’s Day Celebration March $7,500.00
Zawaya Communities of Color: Resistance and Affirmation March $15,000.00
Alphabet Rockers Rise Shine #Woke: Children’s Music Project April $10,000.00
American Friends Service Committee 67 Sueños: Hatred No, Solidarity Yes! Mural Project April $12,000.00
AYPAL: Building API Community Power 19th Annual May Arts Festival “Rooted In Culture” April $10,000.00
BH Brilliant Minds Project Inc. Oakland’s Juneteenth Festival 10th Year Anniversary April $9,000.00
BrujaLyfe Sudada: to sweat, to release, to cleanse April $5,000.00
Chiapas Support Committee CompARTE 2017 Zapatista Solidarity Festival April $6,500.00
DelinaDream Productions Africa in Oakland Dance Zone April $6,100.00
Eastside Arts Alliance 17th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival April $7,000.00
Embodiment Project Exploring Restorative Justice through the Arts April $12,500.00
Free Me Fast Free Me Fast/Liberame: Poetry and Clothing Design Workshops & an All Ages Hip Hop Show for Oakland Youth of Color April $7,500.00
Joyce Gordon Foundation of the Arts Oakland Youth Arts Explosion “OYAE!” April $10,000.00
Omi Gallery at Impact Hub Oakland 2017 Breaking the Silence Townhall for Girls & Women of Color April $5,000.00
Omnira Institute 4th Annual Black-Eyed Pea Festival April $9,000.00
SambaFunk! Oakland Carnival & Community Wellness Festival April $9,000.00
Sones en el Olvido Sones en el Olvido: Son Jarocho Community Workshops & Fandangos April $7,500.00
Time Piece: Simultaneous Contemplations on the Femme Frequency for a Lost and Fertile Planet Time Piece: Simultaneous Contemplations on the Femme Frequency for a Lost and Fertile Planet, Exhibition, Community Artmaking, and Mural with queer femme artist Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski April $7,500.00
TuBeNu Cultural Gatherers “Stop the Violence” Music & Spoken Word Events April $7,500.00
United Roots 3rd Annual Black & Brown Unity Film Festival April $7,500.00
Urban Peace Movement Bursting the School to Prison Pipeline, a Cultural Event for Oakland Youth April $5,000.00
BANTEAY SREI Restoring the Youthful Heart: Oakland Teen Sangha June $8,000.00
BoomShake Music The Streets Are Free June $9,000.00
Friends of Lincoln Square Lincoln Summer Nights June $7,000.00
La Mezcla, A Bay Area Chicanx Dance Company Bruja, An event exploring Chicana history June $2,100.00
Lower Bottom Playaz Behind and Beyond BARS: Story Circles June $9,000.00
MATATU Matatu Festival of Stories June $5,000.00
Pan African Reunion Pan African Reunion June $7,000.00
The Beat Within The Beat Within Oakland Public Library June $7,500.00
Cunamacué Diablos en las Calles de Oakland August $9,500.00
LoveLife Foundation Hands Across the Lake Cultural Community Gathering August $2,500.00
Oakland Public Conservatory of Music ArtsJam Soul Salons August $8,500.00
Oakland Technology and Education Center AfroComicCon Youth Community Day August $7,500.00
Peacock Rebellion Peacock Trans POC Dance and Music Festival August $6,500.00
American Indian Child Resource Center Celebrating Education Warriors 19th Annual Pow Wow October $8,500.00
Bay Area Black Worker Center Jazz & Arts Cultural Series October $6,000.00
Community Theater’s Community Of The Spirit Community Of The Spirit Multigenerational Concert with Jacqueline Hairston October $5,000.00
Lincoln Child Center Kwanzaa Day the Oakland Freedom Schools Way October $6,000.00
Oakland Mind The Summer Solstice Festival October $5,000.00
Qilombo Community Center Revolutionary Kwanzaa October $5,000.00
Sarah Webster Fabio Center for Social Justice Evolutionary Blues… West Oakland’s Music Legacy Film Screening October $5,000.00
Seventh Native American Generation SNAG Magazine Release Event at Intertribal Friendship House October $3,500.00
Studio Grand Under Oakland Skies Public Concert Series October $8,500.00
TIGRA: Transnational Institute for Grassroots Research and Action Sweet Taste of Freedom Youth Arts Workshops & Community Exhibition October $4,643.00

If you have questions about any of our programs, please call our office: 510-663-3867 or email info[at]