ARC Toward Justice

The Arc Toward Justice Fund focuses on long-term efforts to foster racial equity for youth and young adults of color in Oakland. Because Akonadi Foundation recently expanded our grantee cohort, at the moment we are not accepting new applications for 2018.

Beloved Community Fund

Akonadi Foundation’s Beloved Community Fund supports organizations that employ a cultural strategy to advance racial justice in Oakland.

So Love Can Win Community Response Fund

Akonadi awarded $5,000 grants to 23 groups between August and November 2018, totaling $115,000.


2019 Racial Justice Poster “Tell Her” by Juana Alicia

Commissioned by the foundation, Alicia’s poster depicts poet and activist Chinaka Hodge and the closing line of her poem “What Read More » “2019 Racial Justice Poster “Tell Her” by Juana Alicia”

Fight for the future of Oakland’s Public Education

March 1, 2019  
At Akonadi Foundation, we believe that access to quality education is a human right; that young
Read More » “Fight for the future of Oakland’s Public Education”

Racial Justice Poster Project

The Racial Justice Poster Project commemorates
March 21, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Tell Her’ by Juana Alicia, commissioned by Akonadi Foundation as the 2019 Racial Justice Poster. 

‘“What Will You Tell Your Daughters About 2016?” is a call to arms, to resist the madness of the current era of rising fascism, racial hatred, gender discrimination, misogyny, and white supremacy. Hodge proclaims the birthright of women to create a more humane society, an intergenerational legacy to be sung frequently, whenever the odds seem too great.’

-Juana Alicia