ARC Toward Justice

The Arc Toward Justice Fund focuses on long-term efforts to foster equity for youth and young adults of color in Oakland. Through the fund, Akonadi Foundation seeks to stop the criminalization of youth and young adults of color, end the school-to-prison pipeline, and build responses to harm that nurture wellness and well-being.

The Arc Toward Justice Fund was launched in 2013. After three years, Akonadi Foundation expanded the portfolio by adding new organizations in 2016 to deepen our racial justice ecosystem grantmaking to support successful movement-building for racial justice and social change in Oakland.

Arc Toward Justice grantees receive an initial one-year core-operating support grant up to $75,000. Additional grants are available to Arc Toward Justice grantees, including support for organizational strengthening, travel and events. Click here to see a current list of our Arc Toward Justice grantees.

As we just expanded our grantee cohort last November, we will not be reopening for applications in 2017. We are currently focused on deepening relationships with our partners and engaging around movement-building. If you sign up for our newsletter (enter your email in the upper right corner of our website), you will be informed when we reopen the fund in the future. 

The Arc Toward Justice Fund supports organizing at different levels
  • Organizing can activate a breadth of young people of color to engage on critical issues, as well as providing a space for them to step up as leaders and agents of change.
  • Parent and adult ally organizing can advocate for policies and practices that support youth and young adults of color in order to build for collective power to shape the systems that impact their lives.
The Fund also invests in complementary strategies to bolster the success of our primary grant partners:
  • A healthy ecosystem of organizations that collaborate to foster racial justice and the changes needed to achieve it. This includes the primacy of leadership of color and prioritizing the perspectives, strategies, and needs of the people most affected.
  • Legal and policy advocacy and research that add power to community-based change efforts.
  • Cultural strategies and healing work that develop young people’s collective expression of their experiences and advance their vision for their communities to support systemic change efforts.

To advance this vision for equity and racial justice for youth of color in Oakland, we adopt and advance a comprehensive approach focused on

(1) stopping the harm that is being done to youth and young adults of color through pervasive criminalization and mistreatment in public systems and institutions that should be safe havens of support and protection, and

(2) promoting solutions and opportunities that allow youth and young adults of color to overcome the disproportionate obstacles that have been placed in their path and gain access to educational experiences that promote self-determination, self-esteem, and self-awareness, as well as overall safety, health, and well-being.

This comprehensive approach requires the shifting of public and private resources from punitive strategies to new systems and paths of opportunity, as well as providing resources for the unique forms of cultural expression and individual and collective healing work needed to enable youth and young adults of color and their wider community in Oakland to make their best contributions to the common good.

If you have questions about any of our programs, please contact Iris Garcia, Akonadi’s Learning and Impact Program Officer: Iris [at]