As a family foundation, we invest in place-based organizing, racial equity policy advocacy, and culture shift to dismantle structural racism and build community power in Oakland.

Place Based Organizing

Supporting intersectional movement building to advance racial justice within place.

Racial Equity Policy Advocacy

Legal and policy advocacy and research that add power to community-based change efforts.

Culture Shift

Cultural strategies that play a powerful role in changing hearts and minds, thereby ultimately shaping policies and practice.


We believe in grantmaking that provides effective, comprehensive, and values-driven support to organizations, led by people of color, that are challenging structural racism using smart, innovative, and effective approaches.

To fulfill our purpose to support racial justice movement building, Akonadi Foundation focuses our funding on three main program areas:


The Arc Toward Justice Fund focuses on long-term efforts to foster racial equity for youth and young adults of color in Oakland. Because Akonadi Foundation recently expanded our grantee cohort, at the moment we are not accepting new applications for 2018.


The Beloved Community Fund supports free public art and cultural events that celebrate and are rooted in Oakland’s communities of color, and that advance racial justice. Applications may be submitted online at any time; check here for dates proposals are due.


We offer one-time grants ranging from $3,000 to $5,000 to spark imagination and seed efforts to create healing and safety in Oakland’s communities of color. The So Love Can Win Community Response Fund is not currently accepting applications; it will relaunch in mid-2018.

If you have questions about any of our programs, please call our office: 510-663-3867 or email info[at]