ARC Toward Justice

Akonadi Foundation seeks to stop the criminalization of youth and young adults of color, end the school-to-prison pipeline, and build responses to harm that nurture wellness and well-being.

Beloved Community Fund

The Beloved Community Fund supports impactful public cultural and art events and projects geared toward communities of color in Oakland.

Updates & Events

  • Transforming Culture In Oakland

    December 2016 Newsletter Announcing 2016-17 Arc Toward Justice Grant Partners Grantee Spotlight Akonadi Receives OutstandingRead more  »
  • Akonadi Foundation receives Outstanding Foundation Award

    November 15th marks the annual recognition of National Philanthropy Day, where people around the worldRead more  »
  • Akonadi Foundation Awards 1.3 million to Support of Racial Justice Movement Building

    Akonadi Foundation Awards $1.3 million to Organizations and Leaders Advancing Racial Justice in Oakland DecemberRead more  »
  • Q&A with Lateefah Simon: Oakland is Beautiful

    September 2016 Newsletter Q&A with Lateefah Simon Grantee Spotlight ARC Toward Justice Grantees meet LateefahRead more  »
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