Transmission: Received

2018 by Joshua Mays

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Transmission: Received,by Joshua Mays, commissioned by Akonadi Foundation as the 2018 Racial Justice Poster.

Artist Statement: Joshua Mays

The keys for humanity to master the vast challenges at hand lie in its own cultural diversity. Racial and social inequity are distractions to us harvesting possibility from our struggles and our visions. Utilizing gratitude derived from ancestral perspective, we can each fill our short stay in this lifetime with transition, meaning, and peace.

Art transcends barriers rooted in perceived cultural, generational, linguistic, racial, class, and gender difference. Art is an effective medium for ideas to flow in order to connect people who are activated by similar visions. This piece reflects optimism and hope. It reflects the stories and struggles of our ancestors and is an offering of gratitude for all that they endured and the work that is to come. The piece exemplifies power and balance. It is a tool for individual and collective empowerment.