Beloved Community Fund FAQ


Q: How long is the BCF grant period? Is it a one-year grant?

A: Yes, the grant period is from one year of the grant award date. An organization can only apply for an event that occurs within one year of the grant award date. This is a change from previous years when all the BCF grant must be spent in the current calendar year. A one year grant term allows organizations more time for planning and fundraising as all BCF supported events must be free.

Q:  Does BCF fund arts programs?

A: BCF does not offer program grants. It offers project grants to support events or event/workshop series.  We do not fund arts programs or seasonal arts programming unless it has a connected event series or a culminating event (must be externally facing and offer opportunities for community engagement.)  

Q: We want to provide capacity-building/training programs to communities of color. Should we apply?

A: Applications must demonstrate a cultural or artistic component.

Q: We want to organize a free online exhibition, webinar, etc. Should we apply?

A: The event must take place in a physical space, not just online.

Q: I am organizing a free and public performance featuring musicians/actors/dancers of color. Should I apply?

A: We want to know how you are going to reach an audience composed of communities of color. In your application, please share specifically how you intend to reach and engage these communities.

Q: Can we pay for staff time with the Beloved Community grant?

A: Yes, the grant can be used to pay for any expense directly related to the event.

Q: Our event has multiple components, some of which are free and some are not. Should we apply?

A: In order to qualify for a Beloved Community Fund grant, your entire event must be free.

Q: We received a Beloved Community Fund grant, and we want to use a sliding scale entry fee for our event. Is that okay?

A: Beloved Community Fund grants are for events that are completely free of charge. Our intention is to fund program or outreach events, not fundraising events. We encourage applicants to request the entire cost of the event not already otherwise funded by other sources.  While sliding scale is not allowed at the door for BCF funded events, asking for a donation or “passing the hat” at the conclusion of the event is ok as long as it is not mandatory.

Q: Our event is scheduled to occur before the application deadline. Can I still apply for funding?

A: We will not award grants for events that have already occurred.

Q: We received a BCF grant last year. Can we reapply?

A: Yes, you can reapply, as long as it is a new and different project. If you are unsure whether your proposal would be considered “new and different” from the previous year, please contact Akonadi Foundation’s Grants Manager, Iris Garcia at

Q: The original date for our event needs to be changed. How does this affect our grant?

A: If your event requires a change of date, the event date must still take place within the one year grant period  for when the grant was made. Please notify Akonadi Foundation’s Grants Manager of any date changes 30 days prior to your event.

Q: Our proposed venue fell through, and we need to hold the event somewhere else. Can we move our event?

A: You can move the venue of your event as long as the event takes place in Oakland and you notify Akonadi Foundation of the change at least 30 days prior to your event.

Q: Does BCF support food justice, wellness, or health equity related projects?

A: Akonadi Foundation recognizes that issues of  health and wellness, healthy eating, food justice, urban farming and gardening are vital in communities of color. The Beloved Community Fund unfortunately will only consider funding events with a health equity or food justice frame where the arts and/or artists are integral to the event and are used to actively engage the target audience (not just entertain), and where there is a clear social justice and systemic racism frame that speaks to the root cause of these issues in our communities.