March 2017

Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, Day Laborers of Fruitvale Tell Their Stories, $15,000

Date: Multiple Events July 2017-March 2018
Location: Friends of Peralta Hacienda Historical Park, 2465 34th Avenue

Peralta Hacienda and Street Level Health Collective will partner to create a storytelling project and photo exhibit, an outdoor Museum without Walls with 8′ x 10′ panels, that make visible the day labor community of the Fruitvale. The project will build bonds across cultural barriers to add to the national dialogue about immigration. Project will highlight the importance of the stories of undocumented immigrants, what they have experienced and why they are here, and how history and economic conditions push and pull them northwards.


Zawaya, Communities of Color: Resistance and Affirmation, $15,000

Date: December, 2 2017
Location: Islamic Center of Northern California, 1433 Madison Street

Zawaya will produce a free choral and musical concert in Oakland celebrating communities of color and affirming a unified stand as the rights and safety of all communities of color are threatened by current federal policies. Zawaya will build coalition by making music with groups representing endangered cultural populations — including Latin American, Arab, Muslim, African, Black and Japanese –expressing collective solidarity and resistance to an alarming fascist agenda.


The Umoja Festival, 2017 Umoja Festival, $10,000  

Date: August, 27 2017
Location: Lowell Park, 1180 14th Street

The Umoja Festival celebrates African communities’ humanity and culture through music, dance, art, food, and interactive activities presented by Black people. Connection, revival, education, and unity are embodied in the Swahili term, ‘umoja’.  The Umoja Festival serves as a vital space for the African immigrant community to be together, be seen, and be heard.  Through the day long of performances and events, the festival seeks to inspire understanding, cultural dialogue, and joy between African immigrants and the wider diaspora.


All African People’s Revolutionary Party, African Liberation Day Culture & Community Event, $7,277.00

Date: May, 27 2017
Location: Tassafaronga Recreation Park, 975 – 85th Avenue  

African Liberation Day (ALD) brings all peoples and ages that want just and deep democracy for the African Diaspora. ALD provides a dynamic space for celebration and consciousness raising about movements in Oakland, Africa, Cuba, Haiti and their intersections everywhere in the African Diaspora that is living and fighting for social and economic justice. The goals of ALD are to raise the political and cultural awareness about the intersections, specific local and global issues; African women’s role in revolution, Indigenous Peoples Struggles (Standing Rock) and State of Black Oakland, to name a few. The march and rally will utilize edutainment, speakers and youth hip hop art that expresses the themes of ALD.


Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ), 4th Annual Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo Block Party, $8,020

Date: May, 5 2017
Location: Cultura Cura Cafe, 2289 International Boulevard

CURYJ’s 4th Annual Cinco de Mayo event will build solidarity across communities by connecting shared struggles and honoring collective resistance. The mini block party will feature edutainment to engage people, and local performing artists, representing multiple communities and generations. Event will also include community resource tables, offering legal and “crimmigration” services, as well as youth and family programs and services.


Forward Together, Trans Life & Liberation Art Exhibit, $15,000

Date: April, 21 2017- May, 11 2018
Location: Citizen Engagement Laboratory @ Culture Strike, 1330 Broadway

Forward Together will produce an art exhibit and event series celebrating the power of trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people of color. The exhibit will include work created through the Trans Day of Resilience Art Project and Trans Life and Liberation Art Series. These projects paired TGNC artists with trans justice organizations and trans organizers of color to collaboratively create new art. Events will feature local trans activists, TGNC artists of color, and disabled artists of color.  These gatherings will serve as a proactive response to the current adverse political conditions and violence against trans women of color, and as spaces to discuss the intersections of trans and disability, as well as serve as inspiration and a reaffirmation of these communities. Events will be co-sponsored by Peacock Rebellion, Forward Together, CultureStrike, and Sins Invalid.


Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC), Art to Inspire, Inform, and Transform Series, $10,500

Date: May 2017-Nov 2017
Location: Oakland Asian Cultural Center, 388 Ninth Street

OACC’s exhibits highlight the ways in which art brings people together, provides strength and resilience, and is a pathway for healing and transformation. The goal of OACC’s exhibitions are to amplify the stories and art of Asians and Pacific Islanders–predominantly Bay Area residents–while emphasizing cultural awareness, and fostering inter-generational and cross-cultural dialogue. OACC will host five free exhibits, each accompanied by a reception featuring an artist talk, workshop, demonstration, and/or school tour gallery walk. Two address Japanese Internment during WWII, which is particularly important when, according to Representative Takano, there is “an alarming resurgence of racism and xenophobia in our political discourse.” Two exhibits showcase art made by prisoners, while another features a collective of local API painters, filmographers, and DJs who utilize art to bring people together.


Uppity Edutainment, Father’s Day Celebration, $7,500

Date: June 17 2017
Location: Jack London Aquatics Center, 115 Embarcadero

Uppity Edutainment will produce a evening length event to celebrate black fathers and fatherhood. There are often negative stereotypes about black fathers in the media. This celebratory family event will be designed to combat the harmful narrative of black fathers. Celebration will include drumming, music, libations and spoken work. Each family will receive a high quality portrait as a take home gift.  This unique Father’s Day celebration will seek to offer black fathers in attendance a high dosage of “we see you”, “we love you” and “we appreciate you’.


Hip Hop for Change, Bay Area POC Environmental Summit & Showcase, $7,500

Date: July, 5 2017
Location: New Parish, 1743 San Pablo Ave

Through an all-access, multi-disciplinary arts and education event, Hip Hop for Change (HH4C) will create a safe space for people of color (POC) community members of all ages to connect, share ideas, and build a foundation for environmental equity in their neighborhoods. This summit will feature a showcase of conscious music and local performing artists. The event aims to inform communities about the avenues for positive change, generate awareness of the environmental challenges that communities of color face, support grassroots POC organizations in their progressive efforts, and provide networking opportunities for communities of color and environmental organizations.


Que Siga La Fiesta, Que Siga La Fiesta Art Exhibit, $7,500

Date: May 20 2017
Location: Studio Grand, 3243 Grand Ave.

Que Siga La Fiesta Art Exhibit will feature artists Julio Salgado and Chucha to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando where 49 mostly queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) were killed. Salgado will show his “Que Siga La Fiesta: QTPOC Club Takeover” series of digital prints, which shows queer artists, activists, and community celebrating at queer clubs and other social gatherings. Chucha will show a collection of portraits of queer and trans trailblazers who are often left out of history books. The events will include a panel discussion, day of community art-making, and a hosted discussion that will create space for healing and celebrating QTPOC communities. The ultimate aim of the events will be to bring QTPOC and allies together to remind the community that they are thriving despite violence and criminalization.


Attitudinal Healing Connection, ArtEsteem Annual Exhibition, $6,000

Date: May 13 2017
Location: Studio One, 365 45th Street

AHC’s 19th annual ArtEsteem exhibition showcases high quality visual art and drumming performances created by students in our award-winning arts education program, ArtEsteem. Students research family and ancestral origins, and do community assessment projects that build community pride and responsibility. Exhibition drumming performances showcase youth and urban culture infused with elements of the African diaspora. At a time when Oakland is struggling for its soul against the forces of gentrification and displacement, ArtEsteem’s Exhibition serves as vital platform for the voices and visions of youth of color in Oakland to combat stereotypes and build solidarity.


Art Responders, ANTIVIRAL: Countdown to Restorative Justice, $5,000

Date: April – May 2017
Location: Various

ANTIVIRAL: 25 Years to Restorative Justice will be launched as a countdown to criminal justice reform by 2042. Occurring at the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles uprisings, ANTIVIRAL will include live pop-up exhibitions featuring multimedia selections from VIRAL:RK25, as well as new works and performances specifically created for the event across the Bay Area. The following events will be occurring in Oakland: a film showing at the New Parkway, protest art making with local middle and high schools aged youth, and a pop up exhibit hosted at Youth Radio’s Arts Venue in Downtown Oakland. Partnering organizations include RJoy, Rock Paper Scissors Collective, California Adolescent Health Collaborative, and Hip Hop for Change.