June 2016

Peacock Rebellion, STAY: An Oakland QTPOC Resilience Festival, $7,000

Date: Oct 5-6 , 2016
Location (s): Eastside Arts Alliance ; SOL- Sustaining Ourselves Locally, LOL- Liberating Ourselves Locally

STAY will be a free, 2-day arts festival for queer and trans people of color (QTPOC) living in Oakland to make and share cultural tools to resist gentrification, cultural erasure and other forms of violence. The festival will culminate in a storytelling event centering the voices and experiences of QTPOC living in Oakland, including youth and elders born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, sharing their visions for the future of QTPOC communities in Oakland.


Intertribal Friendship House, Protect the Sacred: Water and Land, $5,500

Date: August 17 – Sept 10 & November 5-23 , 2016
Location: San Antonio Park

The Intertribal Friendship House will host two visual art exhibits this Fall under the theme “Protect the Sacred: Water and Land”. The first exhibit will highlight California Native perspectives on cultural ties to the stewardship of water and land. The second will commemorate the 1969 Occupation of Alcatraz and include a presentation by original occupiers to spark intergenerational conversation on this important historical moment. As part of each exhibit there will be an opening ceremony, community dialogue with artists, and a closing event.


Community Rejuvination Project, Arts in Action: Youth Climate Justice Mural and Summit, $6,000  

Date: July 28 & Aug 4
Location: Emiliano Zapata Street Academy – 417 29th St & Youth Summit – 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

As a part of the Summer Climate Justice Youth Leadership Academy, low income youth of color will envision, design and present a climate justice mural. This project is a partnership between Community Revitalization Project, Rooted in Resilience, New Voices are Rising/Rose Foundation, and the Emiliano Zapata Street Academy (an alternative public high school). The youth’s mural will creatively express their priorities and solutions for a ‘just transition’ in Oakland, first at the mural dedication celebration at Street Academy High School, and then at the Youth Climate Justice Summit at City Hall (which will include a virtual unveiling of the mural).


Dimensions Dance Theater, Project Panther, $7,000

Date: Oct 8- Nov 7, Various Dates
Location (s):  Mosswood Park @ Life is Living Festival, Eastside Arts Alliance, 81st Street Library

Dimension Dance Theater’s new work “Project Panther” seeks to bring healing and understanding around the history and goals of The Black Panther Party (BPP). This year the BPP celebrates its 50 year anniversary as vanguards of a movement and agents of change. The performances will connect today’s issues of police terrorism and gentrification to the past, and encourage communities to strengthen their voices and self determination to create a better Oakland.  All performances will take place in the flatlands of Oakland and feature contemporary dance infused with traditional African forms, music, storytelling and poetry, that will celebrate a collective memory of history and activism, reminding citizens of the noble and honorable intentions, accomplishments and the worldwide influence of the Black Panther Party.


AfroUrban Society, Bacchanal de Afrique: Community Lab, $5,000

Date: Nov 19, 2016
Location: Eastside Arts Alliance

Bacchanal de Afrique is an interactive, multi-disciplinary presentation of Afro-Urban music, dance, visual art and culture featuring performers, artists and cultural workers of diverse African heritage. Within the context of the Black Lives Matter Movement, this year long project seeks to create opportunities for people of African descent to express and experience joy, happiness and health to counter the institutionalized racism plaguing their communities. A culminating performance will be held at Eastside Arts Alliance in November. Leading up to this performance there will be a series of 4-6 pop-up Community Lab demonstrations and workshops at community spaces, neighborhood transit centers, and other public spaces throughout Oakland.


Regina’s Door, CEREMONY, $5,000

Date: Sept 2, 2016
Location: Regina’s Door, 352 17th Street

CEREMONY is a theatrical healing ritual utilizing poetry, music, dance, and costuming to highlight the life arc of Black women . CEREMONY seeks to create an environment where trauma can be voiced, acknowledged, brought to the surface, and addressed to lead to restoration, healing and wisdom. The project will include 25 black woman artists.  Leading up to the final presentation, several community engagement elements to support communal healing will be used ranging from potted plant art pop ups and a visually artistic magazine capturing and reflecting relevant themes.


Outdoor Afro, 10th Element of Hip-Hop: Health and Wellness, $4,500

Date: Sept 21-23, 2016 (Outdoor Nature walk with Outdoor Afro on Saturday September 24th– Oakland Hills)
Location:  Berkeley Maynard Academy, 6200 San Pablo Avenue (Green Dinner);  Tassafaronga Community Center (Acta Non Verba Urban Farm) 975 85th Ave (Green Dinner); Impact Hub Oakland, 2323 Broadway (Symposium)

A partnership between Hip Hop is Green & Outdoor Afro, the 10th Element of Hip-Hip: Health & Wellness Festival seeks to promote health and wellness in the African American community through the lenses of food justice, environmentalism and hip hop culture. The 10th Element project of Hip Hop is Green seeks to disrupt the negative commercialized narrative of hip-hop and instead reclaims the power of hip hop to create a healthier community to support the next generation. As part of this festival there will be two Youth and Family Green Dinners that utilize art and feature hip hop artists, youth poets, and activists to advance the health, environmentalism and food justice movement. There will also be a Symposium that explores hip hop culture and the power of African American music and culture to influence and heal, as well as elevates the importance of connecting with the land through exploring nature and gardening/farming.


Oakland Peace Center, The Sweet Medicine Mural Project & Block Party, $4,500

Date: Oct 15, 2016
Location: Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

In partnership with the Oakland Peace Center (OPC), Sweet Medicine Mural Project will work with an intergenerational group of community members from OPC partnering organizations to create a public mural holding their vision and prayer of healing justice. The murals from this project are understood to be an incantation of healing justice (an offering of “sweet medicine” prayer) to the wider community and land in which they are located. Upon mural completion, a community celebration will be held in ritual and ceremony with the community to bless the mural as shared sacred ground. The Sweet Medicine Mural Project actively seeks to collaborate with marginalized individuals and communities who endure daily exposure to the toxic effects of endemic oppressions, who occupy physically, socially and culturally contested land spaces, and for whom such healing project is a crucial resource to personal, collective, and environmental wellness.


Betti Ono, VIRAL: 25 Years from Rodney King Oakland Exhibit, $4,500

Date: Sept 2- Oct 22, 2016
Location: Betti Ono Gallery

Betti Ono Gallery will present ‘VIRAL: 25 Years from Rodney King’ (VIRAL:RK25) ,  a touring community arts exhibit and event offering an immersive visualization of violence in U.S. law enforcement over the past quarter century. The show features a wide range of artistic forms from many cultural histories, with a focus on African-Americans, the group disproportionately affected by US police violence. Today, the use of excessive force against unarmed people of color continues unabated even with the rise of technology and documentation. Partnering with artists, VIRAL:RK25 will host three events to equip participants with the tools they can use when confronting increasing criminalization from law enforcement.


Global Communications Services, Community and Youth Cultural Healing Ceremony, $4,000

Date: Sept 4, 2016
Location: West Oakland Youth Center, 3233 Market Street, Oakland, 94609

Global Communication Services and Dance will host a Community Healing Ceremony and Performance to instill a strong sense of African/Black culture in youth of African descent. Creating a healing space for youth and a community facing displacement and disconnection from their traditions and history will be a goal of this event. Global Communication Services and Dance will work with 20-25 youth of African descent, ages 9-17, weekly for two months to prepare them for the culminating ceremony. The performance will feature four national/tribal dances: two East African/Eritrean dances Hedarab and Welayta, one West African dance Lamba, and one Haitian/Igbo dance. The East African Dances will be taught and choreographed by Almaz Tess, and the Haitian and West African Dances will be taught and choreographed by Daktari Shari Hicks c/o Daktari Dance. Cultural costumes will created for each dance.