February 2017

East Oakland Boxing Association, Unity Art Showcase: How We Come Together, $7,500

Date: March 24, 2017
Location: Eastside Arts Alliance

The East Oakland Boxing Association (EOBA) Unity Art Showcase will provide a platform for EOBA families, youth, and local Oakland artists to come together in order to showcase art as an expressive social justice medium. This event will exhibit the various ways the youth of EOBA come together in struggle, celebration, equality, and hope. Through this event, East Oakland families and community will gather in order to view art created for and by youth and adult artists of color. Overall, the event will affirm the importance of art within the Oakland community as a unifying agent.


8th Annual Fist Up Film Festival, $6,000

Date: May 2017
Location: Impact Hub, Red Bay Coffee, Grand Lake Theater, and Eastside Arts Alliance

The Fist Up Film Festival (FUFF) presents films that are intended to create local impact. By placing emphasis on the connected experiences between global and local communities, FUFF creates visual parallels between local people’s lived experiences with stories from around the world. FUFF has presented films that document movements from the Philippines, Ghana, Senegal, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Palestine, the United States and more. FUFF’s purpose is to promote dialogue, incite change, and empower people from traditionally under-resourced communities to see themselves as capable, vital, necessary instruments of more vibrant and just conditions.



Fua Dia Congo, Fua is Forever: Community Town Hall Series, $3,600.00

Date: May-December 2017
Location: Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts

Fua Is Forever: Community Town Hall Series is a series of community conversations exploring challenges and solutions surrounding cultural preservation, healing and advocacy and the safeguarding and strengthening of sacred community spaces from gentrification and other threats. Each town hall will be anchored by ancestral invocation and ritual songs, rhythms and dances from the African diaspora. This town hall series is particularly relevant in Fua’s 40th year as it ponders questions of legacy, it recognizes that lasting impact will be defined by how it employs traditional arts as tools of healing, advocacy and self-determination. By initiating these important conversations, the organization will ignite the activism inherent in its art.


Qulture Collective, You’re the Most Beautiful Thing, $6,000

Date: May, 18 2017
Location: Qulture Collective

Under the current presidency, the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community are being threatened. You’re the Most Beautiful Thing “YTMBTTH” is a project that seeks to bring visibility to QTPOC and black/queer and trans women. BCF will support a photography exhibit featuring Nye Lyn Tho’s Natural Heir series, which replaces the subject’s hair with plant life representing African/African American cultures. The photos will be showcased at an event featuring a reading by poet Arisa White, community discussion, and the creation of Beauty Lineage poems.


Rara Tou Limen Haitian Dance Company, Rasanble! Haitian Arts & Culture Festival

Date: July, 21 2017
Location: Eastside Arts Alliance

Now in it’s 8th year, RASANBLE! Haitian Arts & Culture Festival will gather supporters of Haitian traditions to celebrate, make visible and inform participants of the rich cultural traditions that are the foundation of Haitian culture. Haitian culture/folklore is a system that empowers the collective and the individual through healing, creating solidarity, and community building. The opening night event of the festival will feature ~ Haitian history, Kreyol language & cuisine, dance, song and drum technique; lectures by keynote speakers; a documentary/report back from Haiti; fashion show and showcase performance.