April 2016

Eastside Arts Alliance, Malcolm X JazzArts Festival, $6,000

May 21, 2016 11-7p
Location: San Antonio Park, 18th Ave & Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

The 16th annual Malcolm X JazzArts Festival has now become an East Oakland tradition. This year’s festival will feature the words of poets as they address issues such as the criminal justice system, housing and land issues, movement building, income inequality, and power. This day long, free festival celebrates culture and brings to communities of color important and relevant news and information. The theme of this year’s festival is Seize the Time – celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party and also recognizing it is the time to move more quickly in ensuring that communities of color still have a place in Oakland.


Urban Peace Movement, Oakland is Proud: A Cultural Celebration of Oakland & Youth Resource Fair,  $3,000

May 25, 2016 4-7p
Location: San Antonio Park, 18th Ave & Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

The Town Bizz: Youth Jobs & Resource Festival and Celebration of Oakland Culture!! FREE EVENT FOR YOUTH. A Cultural Celebration of Oakland & Youth Resource Fair” is a youth-led and youth-planned event designed to celebrate Urban Peace Movement’s Peace in Action (PiA) member’s love for “The Town” and highlight Oakland’s authentic culture and unique history. Along with Oakland-based performers and vendors, businesses and organizations will share information about Summer programs, internships, job openings, leadership development, and community organizing initiatives. PiA members will facilitate Theater of the Oppressed exercises to call attention to employment barriers faced by Oakland youth and their families.


Attitudinal Healing Connection, ArtEsteem 18th Annual Exhibition, $4,000
May 28, 2016
Location: Warehouse 416, 416-26th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

This year, ArtEsteem’s 18th Annual Exhibition “The Bravery of Love and Legacy” focuses on one of ArtEsteem’s core concepts, Self as Superhero. The exhibition will showcase student art from youth across Oakland that expresses youth voice through a critical lens highlighting urban culture infused with elements of Africa and the African diaspora.  The event will also showcase the work of the West Oakland Legacy Project, and cultural performances including a drumming performance by the youth.


Black Women is God Project, The Black Woman is God: Reprogramming the God Code, $10,500
June-Aug 2016
Location: Eastside Arts Alliance, 2277 Intl. Blvd, Oakland, CA 94606

The Black Woman is God (TBWIG) project celebrates the Black female presence as the highest spiritual form –God. Participating artists will collectively bring history and culture alive by refocusing the audience on where humanity really began–the womb of the African woman. Through a two month exhibition including two workshops and an interactive closing reception, TBWIG will provide black women and girls with space to heal, embody self-determination, and transform their pain. The exhibit will look at issues of queer identity politics, spiritual practice as art, the prison industrial complex, and sex trafficking. The two workshops will address the importance of Black women healing historical trauma through genealogy and music.


House of Malico, Twerq 4 Mother Earth, $6,000
June-Aug 2016
Location: Qulture Collective, 1714 Franklin St., Oakland, 94612

Twerq 4 Mother Earth initiative is a radical call for celebration of Femme identity within a social structure that shames and oppresses it. The initiative includes many elements during House of Malico’s residency at Qulture Collective including three Queens Corner community events. In particular Queens Corner will be a filmed public discussion featuring Femme artists and a live audience. The featured artists will lead audiences in a workshop and each episode explores a topic surrounding W+QPOC identity and ways to affirm that identity.


West Oakland Youth Center, “In Living Color” Community Celebration, $12,000
July 15, 2016
Location: 3233 Market Street, Oakland, CA 94608

“In Living Color” is a six-hour community celebration organized by the West Oakland Youth Center (WOYC) and People’s Kitchen (PK) that aims to deepen respect for our homelands/traditions, create space for cultural exchange, and affirm public celebration in West Oakland. The event will include food-centered political education, cultural/dance performances, and an art installation curated by WOYC Town Arts youth and PK artists. During the community dinner, PK chefs will uniquely share the origins of the traditional foods they prepare, and the stories of struggle embedded within the food. Participants will share stories with each other of the meal’s cultural significance to them. The event aim to create unity in West Oakland’s rapidly gentrifying Hoover-Foster district, where the traditions and cultural practices of Native Black and Latino communities are not publicly celebrated, and where there is a growing Arab immigrant community.


Ensemble Mik Nawooj, Rebranding Hip-Hop Music: Concert & Discussion, $6,000
August 8, 2016
Location: Impact Hub, 2323 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612

Ensemble Mik Nawooj (EMN) in collaboration with Hip-Hop for Change and Beats, Rhymes, and Life will host “Rebranding Hip-Hop Music”, an event that will include a free community concert, panel discussion, and Hip-Hop dance cypher. The event will focus on engaging with community about overcoming the negative stereotypes which are bestowed on youth of color and rethinking Hip-Hop as a serious endeavor in art and a force for positive cultural change. Event will include performances by Bay Area Hip-Hop artists Kev Choice, Do DAT, Sandman and others.


Asian Health Service, The Spot Youth Center, Pardon the Disruption, $7,000
August 8, 2016
Location: New Parkway Theatre, 474 24th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

The Spot’s “Pardon the Disruption” community film screening will debut video shorts created by peer youth leaders on gender-based violence in the AAPI community. These “disruptor” shorts will be used to promote conversations regarding reproductive health, healthy relationships, gender violence, intergenerational trauma, and cultural stigmas that make it difficult for the AAPI community to have those conversations regularly. The program for the event will include other films showing the intersections of health, overcoming violence, breaking stereotypes, and healing which will include: “Making-of” film documenting the creation of the “disruptor” video shorts ; “Warriors for Peace” film created by young men of color at The Spot ; and “Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story”.



OneFam, Bringing Back the Blues to 7th Street Concert Series, $9,500
Aug- Oct 2016
Location: OneFam Community Space, 606-7th Street, Oakland, CA 94607

OneFam will host a Blues Concert Series on the historic 7th Street in West Oakland to support the Lower Bottoms neighborhood to maintain, honor and share its history. The concerts will reach out to long-time residents, who are largely African American, people who moved to West Oakland in the 1990’s, and those who have arrived more recently. OneFam will use events to develop a stronger community voice in determining the direction of West Oakland as it gentrifies, and encourage the three diverse cross-sections of West Oakland residents working with each other to build a healthy community where all are welcome. As part of OneFam’s mission, youth who are in or at risk of being involved with the criminal justice system will be integral to planning and conducting outreach for the concerts.


Zawaya, Two Communities Under Fire: Black & Muslim, $9,000
December 3, 2016
Location: Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, 1433 Madison Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Zawaya’s concert “Two Communities Under Fire: Black & Muslim” will bring members of the Black, Muslim, other communities together for a festival of song facilitating education and connection. The evening will include music and song by the Aswat Adult and Youth Ensembles, Vukani Mawethu choir and the youth of OPC-Jazz. Freedom and sacred songs of both peoples, including new songs born of the Ferguson protests will be shared. Additionally the program will feature Oakland activist and musician Boots Riley, filmmaker Michael Wolfe, and academic Hatem Bazian of UC Berkeley.