Leveraging Power, Policy, and Culture for Change

Akonadi Foundation believes that social movements thrive on the interconnected strategies of building power, shaping and proposing racial equity policy, and transforming culture. We support cultural work that is community-based and paired with political education and action.

We understand power building as community organizing that engages communities to foster a common understanding and analysis about structural racism and to build and sustain community power to develop racially just policies, practices, and culture.

We support racial justice policy, advocacy, and legal work that is linked with and/or informed by community-based problem-solving efforts.

To support racial justice movement building, Akonadi Foundation:

Makes racial justice an explicit and direct focus

Akonadi Foundation recognizes the need to deepen an understanding of structural racism. As a foundation, we can commit to racial justice action by providing long-term investments in organizations and initiatives that advance an analysis of structural racism that challenges the societal reluctance to talk directly about race.

Provides long-term investments in organizations and and initiatives

Movements are built in stages, as are the organizations involved in movement building. From organizations just beginning to those with a history of racial justice accomplishments, foundations can develop long-term partnerships that develop a shared understanding and approach–including the advancement of an analysis of structural racism–at the core of a mutual commitment to racial justice action.

Encourages local innovation and success

Movements are sustained with stories that capture popular imagination and demonstrate impact, such as the Birmingham bus boycott, the Stonewall rebellion, the Delano grape strike, and the Soweto uprisings. We support people coming together to share how they think, talk, strategize, and take action in order to build and sustain racial equity that begins at a local level and can have national and international impact.

Supports the interconnected strategies of building power, shaping policy, and transforming culture

Social movements thrive on the strength and synergy of community organizing, policy advocacy, and engagement through creative expression. Akonadi Foundation’s ecosystem grantmaking offers support so all three approaches can flourish.

Nurtures leadership across generations

Youth organizing and cross-generational organizing are critical components of movement-building and racial justice organizing. A comprehensive approach includes addressing many areas that disproportionately impact youth and young adults of color, such as policies and practices in the juvenile justice system, misrepresentations in media, and the effects of multigenerational trauma. These are not only some of the most vulnerable populations served by the Akonadi Foundation, they are some of the most powerful.