Urban Peace Movement


Urban Peace Movement: $100,000 a year for three years.

Urban Peace Movement builds youth leadership in Oakland to transform the culture and the conditions that lead to urban violence by employing a Healing-Centered Youth Organizing model. Over the last year, Urban Peace Movement’s Peace Ambassadors program contributed to wins with youth allies to defeat a citywide Youth Curfew ordinance, supported Lift Up Oakland Coalition’s effort to raise the minimum wage, and Campaign for Good Jobs redevelopment of the former Oakland Army Base. Urban Peace Movement cohosted “The Movement” Youth Leadership Summit with United Roots Center to strengthen relationships among youth leaders across different social change groups and provide inspiration and leadership development. Working with DetermiNation members, Urban Peace Movement launched a public awareness campaign, “Determined to Be,” which includes a poster series and “webisodes” aimed at creating positive and authentic media representations of young Black men. In the coming year, Urban Peace Movement will continue its work with Lift Up Oakland, focus on a community benefits agreement for the development at Coliseum City, seek community jobs at the Port of Oakland, participate in statewide work with the Boys and Men of Color Network, and continue its work with the Peace Ambassadors, who will design a new project this year. Urban Peace Movement is also engaged in a Healing the Healers project which seeks to increase the capacity of youth-service organizations in Oakland.