EastSide Arts Alliance


EastSide Arts Alliance: $75,000 for one year.

EastSide Arts Alliance is a multigenerational, multiracial collective of artists and other cultural workers at the intersection of cultural and political consciousness based in the San Antonio district. In the past year ESAA partnered with The California Endowment to organize focus groups addressing how an integration of cultural development for existing communities can be a critical intervention against displacement. In the coming year, ESAA’s major cultural campaign, Oakland Is Proud, will use culture as a strategy to offset the displacement of communities of color that occurs with major development projects, and support the creation of five cultural plazas along International Boulevard. ESAA seeks to foster community interaction in public spaces through cultural festivals and art-making, and create art forms focused on policing, prison, and immigrant rights that engage of young people of color from the neighborhood to be the next generation of collective members to care for the cultural center.