Quinn Delaney is founder and President of Akonadi Foundation. She and her husband, Wayne Jordan, developed their passion for working for racial justice through their life experience and their work with young people organizing in their schools and in the street.

Quinn has been a donor/activist for decades and has been involved in many social justice movements. Quinn is deeply involved with the Women’s Foundation of California and Women Donors Network and the intersection of gender and racial justice.   Quinn’s political work includes working on candidate campaigns and participating in initiative campaigns in California, including working against campaigns limiting a woman’s right to choose and against the repeal of affirmative action, and other racially biased initiatives.  She is a founding member of Progressive Era Project working toward a more progressive California electorate, elected officials and policy reform.

After having served on the board of the ACLU of Northern California for a number of years, Quinn remains deeply involved with the organization and its issues.  Quinn also serves on the board of Center for Community Change, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Democracy Alliance and the Oakland Museum of California.

Quinn graduated from Pitzer College and has a law degree from University of Houston.

"Culture is an indispensable weapon in the freedom struggle."

- Malcolm X

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